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Meeting Organizations

Meetings do not only offer solutions to problems but also contribute positive images to the company or firms at the organization within the framework of perfection. The hall where the meeting will be held, places of accommodation for the guests, opening, closing, cocktails, dinner, rostrum, microphones, communication desk interpreter, hostess, clerk….. Depending on the range there is so much involved in bringing all these different kinds of services together. Atak, based on its years of experience, is ready and at your service in the subject of meeting organizations. Furthermore with our claim that “ the limits to our service is defined by your needs.” Atak has another plus and that is our “fussiness.” We try to understand you and your needs and plan all details and apply them while we are thinking of you more than yourselves. All that remains to be done is for you to be with or take care of your guests.

All Kinds Of Meetings And Field Activities

Congresses, seminars, conferences, workshops panels, symposiums, encouragement meetings, dealer meetings, training seminars, opening ceremonies, foundation laying ceremonies, fair activities, exhibitions, festivals.

Unlimited Service Support

  • Programming, projects,coordination and organization consultancy,
  • Corporate identity, creative work, press, public relations, advertisement and introduction consultancy and applications,
  • Protocol and VIP services,
  • Secretariat services,
  • Web page designing, publishing, and meeting introductions,
  • Budgeting and sponsor support,
  • Selecting appropriate facilities and writing up the rent leases,
  • Providing all reservation and accommodation services,
  • Providing domestic and foreign airplane tickets,
  • Automobile, yacht, ship, private plane, helicopter and bus rental services,
  • Providing transfer, shuttle, meet and assist, pick up / drop off services,
  • Providing Registration and information services,
  • Providing all kinds of technical equipment,
  • Providing professional tourist guides and simultaneous interpreters, as well as sworn translators and translation services,
  • Designing, production and preparation of all printed and material in regards to the Organization,
  • Preparations of all kinds of promotional material,
  • Special decorations and decorating the meeting hall, stage design,
  • Cultural and special tours before and after the meetings,
  • Social and cultural activities, special events, cocktails, gala dinners, etc.. Arranging special organizations,
  • Outside-catering services,
  • Photograph, video and sound recording services,
  • Sound and image band deciphering, and transferring image bands to CDs,
  • Preparing Presentation films and documentaries,
  • Hostess and security services all kinds of insurance services,
  • Arranging Opening ceremony of organization,
  • Preparing the exhibition area, providing stands. Decorations, selling stands, at the Organization area as well as providing computer services and all technical infrastructure,
  • Providing an entertainer or artist and concert organizations,
  • Animation and show organizations,
  • Fire works, and laser shows,
  • Balloons, fabric decorations,
  • Providing Sponsors,
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