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Tourism Activities

The possibilities bring distances closer together and people are able to travel even more. This activity and speed are included in tourism activities, which call for quicker, more comprehensive service production that covers a variety of choices in services in many fields. Atak with its experience in both national and international markets offers all possibilities for its individual and corporate customers and provides them with a problem and hassle free journey, productive trip and entertaining vacation or holiday.

Ticket Purchasing for All Kinds of Transportation

Airplane tickets with tariffs from all airlines, economy class charter tickets, and domestic or international cruise tickets as well as train or bus tickets.

Hotel Reservations and Accommodation Services

When traveling individually or in groups, you are offered the possibility of staying at the best quality hotels with most convenient rates either in the country or abroad.

Transfer Services

When traveling individually or in groups you are offered the possibility of transfers or shuttle services as well as meeting guests or seeing them off.

Incoming and Outgoing Tour Services

For incoming or outgoing passengers from and to abroad we offer tours that are guided by professional employees in the most convenient manner whether it be holiday, vacation, cultural, religious, nature, health, sports, or safari kind of tours. We also have special purpose services such as tours to obtain academic information, shopping trips or fair tours, camps both domestic and abroad as well as foreign language schools.

Professional Guide and Translation Services

Whether traveling abroad or in the country, we offer expert tour guides during the tours who are professionals and certified. We also offer professional simultaneous interpretation services for interpretations during meetings, as well as translation services to translate your documents, which are done by sworn translators.