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V.I.P Consulting

Whether it be in the country or abroad, top level visits details define the quality of services rendered. Besides refined rules protocol, it is also important to provide the quality service on time. VIP services provided as a whole could to lead opportunities for institutional projects. Atak will be the most trusted assistant standing beside you when dealing with minor details.

VIP Consultancy Services

  • 24 Hour non-stop individual consultancy services,
  • Private and special programs planning and presenting,
  • The rights of C first  (At Hotels and all airports),
  • Free upgrade,
  • Free transfers,
  • Secretariat services,
  • Visa follow-up work,
  • Booking your Flights and delivering your plane tickets to your address,
  • Handling your travel insurance when traveling abroad,
  • Providing detailed tourist and social information on the country and cities to be visited,
  • 24 Hour non-stop car rental services delivery to address services,
  • Offering a discount when applicable depending on model and year of the vehicle rented,
  • Chauffeured limousine, Mercedes services,
  • Cinema, theatre, concert, festival reservations, and tickets delivered to address,
  • Restaurant reservations,
  • Flower sending,
  • 24 Hour translation services,
  • Gift Shopping,
  • Technical equipment rentals (laptop, vision vb.),